Hello, I am Suzanne Whitaker of Passion 4 Murals LLC – 480.334.1202

And, I’ve been an artist all of my life. With nearly 30 years in business as a muralist and decorative finisher, it’s fairly easy for me to visualize what your space could look like given your wish list. I really love being the “hands and heart” that helps people create and shape what they want for their personal and commercial spaces.

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I am available for murals, plaster finishes, decorative finishes, commissioned canvas paintings, plaster repair, and furniture renovation.

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A little history…

After completing my Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of Cincinnati, and some years in publishing as a paste up artist and illustrator, I started my mural business in 1993.

I began as a Nursery Room muralist creating all kinds of themes for new babies’ rooms because I loved seeing new parents get excited about the spaces they were providing for their new families customized entirely to their liking. And, as their babies grew, I created playrooms and toddler spaces, suitable teen rooms, and soon I was not only doing murals but beautiful finishes in every room of the house.

I’ve also enjoyed years of painting school hallways and libraries and multi-purpose rooms, doctors’ offices, restaurants, signage, you name it!

How do we start?

A brief, one-hour meeting (and sometimes just a phone call) can help start to shape the project before us. Some clients are worried they don’t know how to start or aren’t very visual. And, that’s okay. That’s what I’m here for.

I will ask you specific questions and the answers to those questions allow me to percolate some ideas and create something in my mind’s eye… and then I communicate that back to you — which then often leads to providing you with photos, rough sketches, or sample boards that better describe… as we all know a picture is worth a thousand words, truly.

Creating your special room project is a process though. It takes some back and forth, knowing your specific “wish list,” an exchange of ideas, understanding the tone you want to convey, knowing what style best suits your “mission.” So, while many artists (or, let’s say, HGTV) make it look like we click our fingers and there you have it, well, trust me, it’s a process, just like anything else.

And, if you are already working with a designer, I’d love to collaborate. I’ve been working with designers for nearly 30 years.

Call me: 480-334-1202 or email me: suzanne@passion4murals.com

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