“Suzanne transformed our dull brick multipurpose room into a whimsical desert landscape! Students, staff and families are always engrossed in the fun and intricate details of the mural. Working with Suzanne was a dream! From idea development to the final coat of sealant, Suzanne was professional, efficient and transparent!”

– Jim Verrill, Principal
Kyrene de la Sierra Elementary

Kids painting at AltadenaStimulating environments spark imaginations and enhance creativity. Why settle for drab beige or “institutional green” uninspiring walls in your school when you can create affordable, thought-provoking children inspired painted wall murals with a select group of your students or with Suzanne herself.

Literature or science murals for classrooms, drama and musical related murals for auditoriums, sports-minded murals for gymnasiums, scenic murals for cafeterias and school unity murals for the hallways are all just a small example of the types of hand painted murals that could be adorning your school’s corridors. Think of all the blank and empty wall space in your school as potential young artists’ canvases awaiting the combination of youthful inspiration, energy, and idealism with the artistic leadership and tutelage of muralist Suzanne Whitaker. What the kids end up creating is a mural that faculty, staff, and student body are all proud of, interested in, and can at times even spark a productive educational dialogue between all. (Note: Mural painting workshops are most successful with children over 10 years of age).

Suzanne has a soft spot for children and thoroughly enjoys working with students and helping them with their creative development, problem-solving skills and initiative. It is with great joy that Suzanne passes along all she can to the next generation. An attitude of “paying it forward” is a large part of what “Passion for Murals” is all about. Moreover, Suzanne’s primary goal when teaching children is to be the spark that ignites each child’s own inquisitive flame. She encourages them to find their unique creative spirit within, nudging each youth to start self-reflecting, noticing more of the intricacies and wonders of the world and using it in his/her artistic expression.

Blonde girl sierra paintingSuzanne had the opportunity to work with a group of fifth and sixth graders at Children First Academy, which is the “nation’s largest school for homeless children.” Many of the students routinely go without life’s basic necessities. Her experience with them was as witness to selfless camaraderie and joyfulness. At the end of a 7-day mural painting workshop, Suzanne said, “I will never forget how loving and appreciative all of the students were.” (Project funded by: Ahwatukee Lyons Club, SunLife Paints, and Achen Gardner Engineering).

Call Suzanne to discuss your needs, budget, student participation, themes and curriculum-related ideas and Suzanne will be delighted to send you a proposal.

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