Passion for Murals

Arizona Wall Murals for Nurseries and Childrens' Rooms

Wall Murals for Nurseries and Childrens Rooms

When it comes to babies, there is no one better than Suzanne Whitaker to take your ideas and make them into stunning nursery wall murals. Whether you want the traditional pink and blue hues for a girl or boy, or the avant-garde color scheme that fits your more progressive style, Suzanne can come up with a hand painted wall mural that will have your friends and family ooo-ing and ahhh-ing at your newborn’s nursery.

Every mural or decorative touch Suzanne does is 100% original. The manner in which Suzanne’s mural process takes form is far from a cookie-cutter or trendy “flavor of the month” type of system.

When you have the pleasure of working with Suzanne you will find that this isn’t a job for her, but a passion she wishes to share with you and your loved ones. Working with Suzanne becomes a true collaboration between your vision of your newborn’s room and Suzanne being able to transform your ideas into a tangible, classic, non-commercial artistic creation.

Some hand painted wall mural ideas that you may wish to consider
(But any idea or scene can be painted):

  • Cloud or sky mural
  • Bunny or furry friends mural
  • Flower or garden mural
  • Baseball mural
  • Sport mural
  • Nature mural
  • Animal or wildlife mural
  • Sea or ocean life mural
  • Bubble mural
  • Butterfly mural
  • Car or truck mural
  • Balloon mural
  • Beach mural
  • Horse mural
  • Fairy mural
  • Toy mural
  • Farm mural
  • Tree mural
  • Princess and Castle mural