The Divine Collective Unconscious

Lately, I’ve been seeing in my mind’s eye very vivid and finished paintings with words and colors. What’s interesting is everywhere I look, I know other artists are experiencing the same creative flurry. We are the visual messengers. Subliminally, thoughts of “Peace” and “Love” and “Joy” are absolutely popping up everywhere! What we focus on we create. We all want this for each other, for our world culture, and these heartfelt sentiments are increasingly pouring forth using Creatives as conduits for this divine support. Just another indication of the emerging awakened mindset it is taking to make the necessary changes in our world.

Recently, a client commissioned me to do this painting as a gift for a dear friend of hers. I love the sentiment. This particular piece has spurred even more similar pieces. I will be sharing more of these on my Facebook page.