Watch the videos below. Suzanne speaks about what goes into making a mural special and customized just for you, the client.


Fine Wine and Design was a weekly television show in Phoenix, Arizona on Cox Cable. The show featured fine wine, cuisine, interior design and new and exciting destinations. The show illustrated everything from full home makeovers to understanding the correct wine pairing to go with a particular dish. Suzanne Whitaker was a regularly featured muralist on Fine Wine and Design. The videos here include a customized hand painted border, medallion in a kitchen remodel, specific palm decor in a kitchen upgrade, fireplace brick made to look like its original brick and a made-to-order mural of Venice, Italy in a new home master bathroom. The research on the murals and artistic inspiration were due to combining Suzanne’s keen eye of space and the surrounding areas with the homeowners’ and designers’ visions of the entire residential space.