Suzanne Whitaker’s published book, Creative Kids’ Murals You Can Paint!, is a step-by-step manual for professional, intermediate and amateur artists alike. The book showcases her personally designed and customized murals for her many clients, highlighting themes for babies, children, and teens, such as Trees, Princess & Castle, Sports, Flowers, and Animal Friends.
(F & W Publications, Inc., 2006).

“It’s such a kick to know this book is helping others. I have such joy when people write me and tell me how much fun they had painting and following some of the projects in the book, painting their child’s room or a nearby daycare. That’s what it’s all about!  I’m so glad to know they are paying it forward.”  — Suzanne Whitaker

A few testimonials (off include:

“For me Suzanne Whitaker is not just a gifted mural painter. In her book, she encourages other people not to worry too much about a perfect mural or even not the picture what we may have illuminated in our heads. Beginning simple and growing by doing is her [motto]. Read the book carefully, follow some steps of her, you will be surprised, what you can accomplish! Thank you for the wonderful book!”

“I just received this book yesterday, and I am so pleased! I paint murals for part of my living too, and I thought this book might provide more ideas. Well, Ms. Whitaker’s ideas are so inspirational, and I loved her artwork as well. Although I have already painted a number of murals for children’s rooms, this book contained some great tips and techniques that I have not tried. All in all, it was well worth the money to me.”

“What a great book! I haven’t done any murals yet, but plan to within the month. I imagine it will be relatively easy to do with the guidance of this book. It has great mural ideas, detailed supply lists and recommendations, and it shows how to do some of the smaller elements of each mural step by step. I feel much more confident going into mural painting with this book.”

“…I have found it to be very helpful and inspiring. I’ve had the book for 4 days now and I’m finding it difficult to put down! As well as being informative, there are elements of humor that make it a joy to read.”

“All I can say is, I’m feeling very positive about starting my mural business and feel that it IS possible if your willing to work hard and put the effort in :)”












































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