What is the First Step?

When Suzanne first comes to your home or place of business she will take her time to understand how you envision this project. And, she is well versed in working with other home interiors specialists, decorators, designers, general contractors, and/or architects in getting the overall color schemes, textures, style, and feel of the home/commercial space that she will be creating your mural in. Whether Suzanne’s creation is a ceiling mural, wall mural, bathroom mural, hallway or atrium mural, she will remarkably incorporate the fixtures, angles, curves, and feel of the physical space within the scene she is creating.

Here is a simple breakdown on Suzanne’s process when creating a mural for her clients:

  • Initial consultation with client and obtaining a wish list and “must haves” in the vision for the mural (or decorative touches). It’s helpful to know if any fabrics, furniture, fixtures, etc. have already been chosen. Also, this is a good time to bring forth any of those Pinterest photos, magazine references, or website images you’ve been holding onto.
  • Consultation with the interior designer (general contractor, architect, base coat painter), if needed.
  • Client (designer, general contractor, architect, base coat painter, if involved), and Suzanne (muralist) come to an agreement and understanding on how the space where the mural (or decorative finish) is to be created will be used cohesively with the architectural lines and forms, as well as the interior designers textures, and color schemes.
  • Suzanne will assemble a proposal, addressing all the concerns from the initial consult. This may include applicable jpgs/images. Upon your approval of the proposal, she will proceed with the appropriate amount of research using the Internet, books, photographs, etc. which is to become the final painting. The collaboration in the creative process often conjures up even more good ideas, so please speak up! If sample boards are requested, she will proceed with creation of those after sample board payment (see pricing below).
  • Once the project is in the process of being created, Suzanne is very open to the client’s wishes, and will make sure the client’s vision of the space is being met 100% of the time.
  • Mural is completed upon client’s final approval.
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How Much Does a Mural Cost?

Pricing for Murals (and other hand painting) by “Passion for Murals” depends on the complexity of the design, amount of wall coverage, and style to be achieved. A realistic style is more labor intensive compared to a more whimsical, cartoony style and, therefore, would be priced accordingly. Also, for decorative finishes, pricing increases with each layer used to achieve the final effect. If you have an idea, Suzanne can give you some general indication of a range in pricing after some discussion. So, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Pricing generally begins at $650 (including consultation fee) and the cost for most residential wall murals falls between $1500 and $2500. Again, it depends on the complexity of the design, size, and how much preparation work is involved.

A consultation fee to meet with the artist, Suzanne Whitaker, and on location is $60. This fee is applied toward the final mural cost should you decide to use Passion 4 Murals’s services.

A consultation includes:

  • Portfolio and/or Published Book viewing (Creative Kids’ Murals You Can Paint!). Portfolio of decorative finishes, if applicable.
  • Discussion of possible ideas – a collaboration of your ideas as well as Suzanne’s and how best to implement them.
  • Best placement for images.
  • Color Consult – Suggested base coat color(s). Suzanne usually specifies from Dunn Edwards or Sherwin-William Paints.
  • Suggestions on bedding, furniture, and other design concerns, when necessary.
  • Referrals for reputable contractors whom Suzanne has worked with personally (if needed).

Consultation Fee: $60 (waived for repeat customers, schools and non-profit organizations).

Sample Fee or Drawing Fee (if necessary): $50-$175. Some projects may require a painted sample in order to best describe a painted treatment or finish for an area in your home. This would be determined in the initial consultation.

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