“Through my work as an Interior Designer and Television Show Host for a home remodel/lifestyle show, I have experienced firsthand the traits it takes to become an established, respected artist. Suzanne has a remarkable combination of creativity, punctuality, preparedness and the ability to adapt to any given situation. She is truly one of the most talented, professional, self assured artists I have worked with. Suzanne certainly surpasses ALL expectations and is a pure joy and pleasure to have on my team!”

Denise Teichert
Teichert Design
“Fine Wine and Design” Show Host
Phoenix, Arizona

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As an interior designer, certainly there are times when you are faced with circumstances or challenges that make you truly think outside the box. In those instances, turning to an artist to help with your inspirations can give that creative edge needed to pull it all together. Providing hand painted accents to match existing elements or updating areas of the home with unique finishes are just a couple of ways to access the best an artist has to offer. And, you have just found another perfect resource! Ask Suzanne to assist you in creating the very highest quality and most beautiful environment for your valued client.

There is nothing better than having an environment that takes you away from your daily worries or concerns for a little while. Dentist offices don’t need to scream pain as you walk in the door, nor do nursing homes need to have the sense of despair when you are visiting your 98-year-old great-grandma. Allow Suzanne Whitaker’s mural magic to take hold of your daycare facility, recreational center, pediatric office, school, hospital, or the hallways of your corporate offices and transcend your clients, visitors, employees, and patients to a place that gives them comfort, wonderment, joy, hope, and/or happiness, even if only temporarily.

Suzanne’s interior painting ideas run the gamut from children’s murals to decorative wall finishes (including metallics, plasters, transparent glazes); hand painted murals that can be serene as a white sandy beach shimmering just before sunset, to a wall mural of a carnival scene in full force – cotton candy and all!

If you wish your waiting room to project a calming mood, your corner office to have a picturesque Tuscany scene, or your restrooms emanate elegance and refinement, then Suzanne is the muralist who you need to contact in order to make these ideas a reality in your commercial or corporate setting.

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