“Suzanne has painted murals in both our businesses and family homes and has always done a fantastic job.  She has taken the time to ensure that she has a clear understanding of what we ware looking for, collaborates with us on ideas, and has always delivered results that exceeded expectations!”  

— Kim Kuhljuergen, Coconut’s Fish Cafe, Scottsdale, AZ

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Have you ever walked into a room and felt you could just breathe easier? Or, conversely, had the desire to flee immediately because it looked and felt chaotic, overdone, outdated, worn down, or just plain ugly?

Whether your business is healthcare, food service, accounting, profit, non-profit, a doctor’s office, a restaurant, a daycare center, whatever it is, your space invites the community’s employees and customers. And, people will have an instant reaction, conscious or unconscious, to the space they enter.

For example, some years ago, Suzanne was commissioned to adorn Procter and Gamble’s Diaper Panel Study rooms. It was important that the lobby space where parents checked in with their small children and the diaper/baby observation rooms be bright, cheery, whimsical and inviting. After all, who is more sensitive than a baby in an entirely new environment away from home? Moms, Dads, Babies, and even P & G Employees had a smile every time they walked into the Fish or Farm themed interiors.

Choices in furniture and its arrangement, flooring, and lighting fixtures certainly are important.

But, just as primary to creating the right tone is the effective use of color, texture, logo design and its placement, paint finishes, typography, graphics, and fine art. These things create your special ingredient, your contribution. Call Suzanne. She can help you with that.

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