Suzanne Whitaker has been an artist all her life. And, since 1993, she’s been helping home owners, shopkeepers, doctors, teachers, restaurant owners, parents, kids, so many people, personalize their lives. She sees images, colors, texture, and tones when your preferences are spoken. She knows the way to transform your space and make it uniquely your own — it’s a creative collaboration and she knows how sacred this process can be.

In the beginning of her business, Suzanne primarily answered requests for nurseries and children’s rooms and created quite a following of joyful and appreciative parents and children. So, when a publisher saw her whimsical work in a high-end, annual show of homes and came to her asking to share her expertise, Suzanne was only too happy to do so. And, her loyal customers were ecstatic to have their favorite rooms be photographed — hence, the publishing of Creative Kids’ Mural You Can Paint!

In the years since, her business has evolved to incorporating virtually every room in the house and many commercial considerations. After all, it really didn’t take long to recognize how much her clients hungered for beauty, art, whimsy, comfort, healing, and relaxation in their new or remodeled homes and work spaces. And, after guiding her clients all these years, her intuition now quickly discerns how to artistically achieve all this, pouring over lists of “must haves” in the initial consultation (see “FAQ page” for a breakdown of the process). Walls with murals, walls with color and fine finishes, such as metallics, plasters, and transparent glazes, custom canvas wall art to your specifications, and furniture and cabinetry updates — she does it all!

“Many years ago, in an effort to clarify my personal mission within my work, I wrote with great purpose my Decision Statement: ‘I love and serve others by creating environments of authentic beauty, compassion and joyfulness.’ And, if I wasn’t doing this each time, I asked myself how I could do better. And then, I did better… And, as a friend once said,
‘Be better, be kinder, be purposeful, be strong, be Love.’ I would also add: be honest, be authentic. Our world only gets better when everyone adopts this mindset and operates with integrity straight from the heart. So, everyday, I intend do my part!”

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