About The Process

There’s a lot to making a mural and I love talking with students about it, showing them how to simplify their big project into smaller steps. Here’s a brief overview:

Step 1 – Make ideas. Brainstorm!
Step 2 – Clarify your idea and do research on your subject (for example, look at pictures of coyotes, rattlesnakes, quail, etc.).
Step 3 – Make a rough sketch(s) for layout (fyi, below┬áis just one portion of the larger mural that wraps around the entire school cafeteria).

Rock Wall rough sketch

Step 4 – Prepare your surface with primer paint and/or base coat color.
Kids Prepping Surface
Step 5 – Sketch in basic shapes.
Step 6 – Paint in the shapes with the dominant color for that shape.
Step 7 – Paint in with more and more detail until you’ve completed each character.
Step 8 – Step back and view your masterpiece! You’ve worked very hard, but you’ve certainly got something to show for it. And, you’ve made yourself happy as well as a whole lot of other folks!
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